Board meeting software reviews: Advanced Visualization Tools for Better Insights

Board meeting software reviews: Advanced Visualization Tools for Better Insights

Board management software is a peaceful place for meetings and other business events. Its advantage is secure data exchange during meetings and advanced visualization of business processes. Here is more about it.

Why is board meeting software so prevalent in business?

Today, for any organization, the simplicity and variety of ways employees interact with each other and partners and customers are critically important and directly affect performance. The need for remote communications is growing everywhere, even among compactly located organizations. Board meeting solutions are intended for automating corporate interactions and allow you to effectively solve these and related organizational tasks, regardless of their scale, structure and activity specifics.

Board meetings are one of the main elements of teamwork, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of intra-corporate communication and speed up the processes of information exchange and decision-making. Using the functionality of the module of the board system “Management of meetings and meetings”, the enterprise gets the opportunity to make the most of the time allotted for meetings. The module supports the complete life cycle of the meeting (preparation, holding, negotiation of the protocol and control over the implementation of decisions).

Board meeting software as an advanced business visualization tool

One of the essential functions of the board management software is to support decision-making by the board of directors. The built-in dashboard constructor allows users to automatically generate regular reports in various sections and visually present them to top management, eliminating the need for company management to dive into arrays of documents. In this way, the boards track the KPIs of their departments and employees and make new management decisions if the work needs to be adjusted.

Analytical dashboards in the board software are reports that already contain much more data, and this is where visualization and interactivity come to the manager’s aid. Such a panel accommodates a large amount of information on one screen: with proper execution, everything looks simple. It ensures only a visual representation of data instead of a large stream of numbers that are difficult to perceive and analyze in an orderly manner. In addition, data is grouped by meaning on the platform, and indicators are interconnected – it helps answer questions about the entire line of business, product or process.

The review of the board software market

Following board meeting software reviews, the leading solutions with built-in dashboards for better visualization are:

  • BoardEye

This virtual boardroom is best suited for managing access to claims. Tags and comments help you collaborate on documents. The curation process is very convenient because here, you will find document management, agenda setting, data access control, and the opportunity to edit the agenda together.

  • Wrike

This board portal is considered to be the best for integration. Here you can adjust agenda items and set tasks. Information is currently also available from members of the management board. Thanks to the “Annotation” function, you can make notes in documents. The portal is compatible with many offerings like Google, Slack, and others.

  • Diligent

It is a video and audio conferencing solution for businesses. The amount of features packed into this system makes it very competitive with other options on the market. Users can enjoy VOIP calls, HD video conferencing, screen sharing, call recording, automated data management, and secure collaboration and data sharing.